Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Time

No more putting it off and no more sitting on the couch! It is time to get in shape. I have no choice. My health is not very good and I am way overweight. I would love to blame this on Tyler but it started way before Tyler. Yes I have several health issues that make you gain weight especially in your middle section but it is time to start fighting those and winning. I have a child to live for and if I don't get healthy I don't know that I will be here for him.

Last week my blood pressure was still really high and I had some major swelling. I was in a lot of pain and was having a hard time even bending my fingers or move my ankles at times. I ask my mom about it Wednesday afternoon and she said I needed to call my doctor. I called and they thought I needed to let my primary care physician know of all of my problems going on. So I call them and they said it would be better to come in as a walk in on Thursday morning at 7:30am.

I arrive at 7:30 and sign in. Let me say keeping up with a 20 month old in a waiting area is no small task. He is at his prime in the morning and was wanting to play all over the office. I was so tired after 2 hours and was tired of waiting. Finally a little after 10 I got called back. The nurse was great and gave me some tips on some issues I was having even before the doctor came in. After talking to the doctor he wanted to do a EKG. This really freaked me out. I was a week from turning 30 and I was having to have a EKG to make sure my ticker was working and I had not killed it. Luckily I have a good ticker but there were things on the EKG my doctor did not like so we have to fix those. Next they took 13 vile of blood and yes you read that right. They are checking my thyroid, even though they know it is off. He wanted a Hemoglobin A1C to see what my sugar levels have been over the last 3 months. They also needed to check my kidney and my liver since Hypothyroidism and Diabetes both can cause damage to your kidney and liver. They also can both cause high blood pressure. My PCOS does not help any of this either. So right now they are trying to figure out what is causing all this and how we can control it. I will find out more this Thursday.

This is hard to put out there but it need to put it down so that I know what I am striving for. Part of what is causing the above mentioned is that I am overweight. When I say I am overweight I mean I need to weigh 125 pounds for my height to be healthy and at max weigh 144. I weigh 178, that means I have to lose 34 pounds to be at my max weight and 53 pounds to be at my most optimal weight. HOLY COW, How did I get to this point?

Well I have to say I am going to try my best to fix this problem and lose the weight. It will be slow and it will be hard but I will do it. I am doing this for me, for my child and for my husband. My son needs me! He needs a healthy mommy that can take care of him. I am tired of being sick and never feeling good. If I lose some of this weight my diabetes will be so much better and easier to manage and my PCOS will be better as will my Hypothyroidism.

Today I started Couch to 5K, for real! I did actually way better than I thought I would. My legs felt like jello in the end but I was not out of breath. I actually enjoyed it. Tomorrow I am hoping that it will be nicer out and I can do day 2 with the jogging stroller outside!

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lifessewgood said...

I'm with you! I started c25k a few weeks ago, finished week one, then had to travel, and list all momentum! :( I started back with 10 minute trainer tonight, and will be back running as soon as the stroller is fixed! Good luck, sweetie! Love you!