Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Extended Weekend

Monday morning I woke up early to watch a friends two little boys for her while she had a appointment. We watched cartoons, played with toys, ate goldfish crackers, drank lots of apple juice, and had a pretty good morning. Jon called and had got off early and came home a little before my friend picked up her children. Jon was wanting to go do something as a family so we decided to go to Nashville. We first thought we might go visit the Pantheon but it is closed on Mondays. BOO! Jon of course wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop. No surprise right? He did want to pick up something for his boat for his upcoming fishing tournament. Also Tyler loves the fish tanks. This was our first stop and then we went to one of the malls and strolled around. We found some cute shoes for Tyler and took Tyler on a carousel ride. He screamed! I was so sad because he use to love it! He calmed down for some of it but cried again every time he saw his daddy. After the mall we had planned to have dinner but Tyler was not cooperating at the time so we drove back to Clarksville. Tyler did not fall asleep in the car like we had hoped and Jonathan decided we would eat at Captain D's. Tyler was so funny with his cups of ketchup and honey mustard. (His daddy taught him how to dip and he LOVES it!) He acted way better than we had thought he would so we ran over to our mall to go in to Border's. Tyler had so much fun looking at all the books and playing with the bead maze table. Overall we had a great day together and I love just getting to spend time together as a family!

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