Sunday, May 8, 2011

RIP CPT Kyle Comfort

A year ago today we lost a Hero to the war of terrorism. A great friend of my husbands got killed in action on May 8th, 2010 by a IED in Helmand Province. Captain Kyle Comfort, we will NEVER forget you and what you did for our country! He is a true Hero and died saving others lives. He loved this country and loved what he did! I feel blessed to have known someone like him.

Kyle's wife is a true Hero as well. I have never met anyone so strong in my entire life! I am so proud of her and her composer during this last year! She has done so much in his honor and I know he is so proud of her. I could only wish to be as great of a military wife as she is!

Please keep all of Kyle's family and friends in your prayers as we remember and celebrate Kyle's life today. Especially his wife, Brooke, his daughter, Kinleigh, and his Mom, Ellen. This has been a hard year for them and I am praying for comfort and peace for them today!

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