Monday, May 23, 2011


I am really praying for Joplin, MO right now! It is so sad what happened there last night. I am praying for all those that have lost everything, those that lost their lives, and those that lost their loved ones. I am praying that everyone shows up to help them like they did for Tuscaloosa and all the other areas in Alabama and Mississippi a few weeks go. It is so scary to think that we have had another mile wide tornado come through somewhere in our country in just a few weeks of each other. My heart is broken for the 116 families that lost a loved one today. One thing I know is God is in control and I pray that he will heal there hearts. Please join me in praying for Joplin, MO and the other towns including Minnesota that were hit with these terrible tornado's yesterday. Also please continue to pray for Alabama as they are still very much in the recovery and rebuilding process.